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Posted Trans Fat

2007-10-12 14:51:50 by KibitzCo

Hello, curious ranger. You probably just watched Moon Diary!

Check out my other video, Trans Fat. It's like 4 years old now, but still good.


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2007-10-13 14:30:18

Best animation I've seen in a long time!


2007-10-14 01:08:19

lmao that was great


2007-10-14 20:23:27



2011-08-03 20:31:42

I just watched moon diary and i have to say that you are BRILLIANT.
master pieces like moon diary only come around in years.

KibitzCo responds:

Well, thank you! You should check out Erin Tanner's blog sometime too, I did a lot with this animation, but he's the mastermind.

It's really nice to see someone like it already. It's really nerve wracking waiting for the "under judgement" thing to vanish... Thanks again!


2011-08-05 15:44:44

Just so you know, the link to your website is broken. At least, it is broken for me on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I very much enjoyed both animations.


2011-08-06 07:08:01

Moon diary was brilliant. I found it slow and tedious at first, but I stuck around, and I'm so very glad I did.